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   Sorry...We have ended our financial assistance program as of 11/15/22

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Now What's Up?...

After closing our Spay/Neuter financial assistance program in late 2022 are working hard to re-open the low-cost Major Michael Shipley Memorial Spay and Neuter Clinic in Cookeville, TN.  For six years, we were a classic pet rescue; we then transitioned from a Pet Rescue to an Advocacy Organization for Spay / Neuter in 2010.  In this change of focus, we provided financial assistance vouchers for Spay / Neuter for another 12 years.  In those years we rescued and placed over 3,500 animals and helped over 15,000 dogs and cats get "fixed".  In early 2023, we learned of an opportunity to use our organization to re-establish the low-cost clinic in Cookeville, and jumped on it.


Updates... (1/24/23) The Humane Society of Putnam County has agreed in principle to donate most of their spay / neuter clinic equipment and supplies to Wags and Whiskers.  This is a giant step towards re-opening!

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